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Where to Buy Online:

Primerus sells its products exclusively through a network of leading irrigation and nursery supply dealers, including both physical and online stores. Buy our products conveniently and competitively at the following Online stores. Click on the dealer name to go directly to their website.

The Drip StoreCarries the Spot-Spitter, Primerus tubing, hole punches and connectors. Free shipping on qualifying orders. Click <Here> to go to The Drip Store

Drip DepotCarries the Spot-Spitter and hole punches. Free shipping on qualifying orders. Does not carry Primerus spaghetti tubing. Click <Here> to go to Drip Depot.

Please contact us at or 1-855-SPITTER (1-855-774-8837) for additional referrals to either physical or online dealers.