Premium quality polyethylene supply tubing.

Tubing: Premium Resins – Precision Manufacturing


Flexible, strong and dependable, Primerus supply tubing has the qualities you need for years of trouble-free use.

Flexible, strong and dependable, Primerus supply tubing is a must for optimum operation of the SPOT-SPITTER. Primerus tubing is manufactured using premium broad molecular weight polyethylene resins which provide enough flexibility to easily form a water-tight seal without fittings or barbs. High loadings of carbon black and antioxidant additives ensure many years of reliable service in the harshest environments.

Primerus 1/8” tubing (TPE-12531-1000 or TPE-12531-100), also referred to as “Spaghetti Tubing”, brings water from a polyethylene lateral to the SPOT-SPITTER head. Cut one end at 90° to insert on the SPOT-SPITTER and the other end at 45° to form a sharp point to press into a punched Polyethylene lateral (see SPOT-SPITTER Installation Instructions).

Primerus 3/16” tubing (TPE-17040-1000 or TPE-17040-100) is a general purpose polyethylene micro-tubing manufactured from the same high quality resins as Primerus Spaghetti tubing. Primerus 3/16” tubing is not for use with the SPOT-SPITTER.

Primerus 1/8″ tubing is now available in pre-cut lengths of 36″ and 48″ with custom sizes available on request, either 90 degrees on both ends or with one end cut at 45 degrees for easy installation. Tubing lengths are perfectly machine-cut, allowing better performance of the SPOT-SPITTER and improved irrigation uniformity. Automatic cutting also reduces your labor cost. And, since the tubing is cut during extrusion, it never goes on a coil and does not have memory curvature. Straight, accurately measured lengths of spaghetti tubing lead to a cleaner field layout. See Pre-Cut Tubing for more information.