Pre-Cut Tubing

Pre-Cut Tubing: Effective and Convenient

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You don’t install spaghetti tubing in your nursery in lengths of 100 or 1000 feet, so why buy it that way? 1/8″ Spaghetti tubing is now available from Primerus Products pre-cut into lengths you will use to supply your SPOT-SPITTERS: 36″ or 48″ standard lengths with custom lengths available by request. Tubing lengths can be supplied with 90° on both ends, or 90° on one end and 45° on the other.

Primerus pre-cut tubing lengths are made from the same high-quality materials as Primerus standard spaghetti tubing with the added benefit of being automatically cut online during the extrusion process. This results in a clean cut, accurate and repeatable lengths and no natural curvature because it never goes on a roll. Pre-cut lengths are sold in boxes of 3,000 parts (full box quantities only).

Reduce labor cost and improve distribution uniformity with pre-cut tubing through:

REDUCED LABOR: Cutting takeoffs is one less job your installers need to do

BETTER PERFORMANCE: Clean, 90° cut results in better SPOT-SPITTER performance

IMPROVED APPEARANCE: All identical length takeoffs result in a clean field layout

EASY HANDLING: Tubing is never coiled on a roll, eliminating memory-curvature


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