Specially designed for the SPOT-SPITTER

HOLE PUNCH: Reliable – Easy

Primerus Hole Punch NL

The unique shape of the hardened tool steel tip results in a leak-free seal between lateral and takeoff – without fittings or barbs.

The material properties of Primerus tubing allow it to be easily inserted into a punched polyethylene lateral without barbs or fittings and without leaks. This is only possible using the Primerus Hole Punch. The unique shape of the hardened tool steel tip creates a hole in the lateral and forces its opening wide enough to easily insert a Primerus spaghetti tubing takeoff. Within less than a minute, polyethylene memory causes the hole to relax and close around the spaghetti tubing, creating a water-tight seal.

The Primerus hole punch is available both with or without a strong nylon lanyard which facilitates easy use in large installation operations. The hardened 420 stainless tip remains sharp and reliable after thousands of punches.


SPOT-SPITTER Installation Instructions

Primerus Hole Punches:

Hole punch specs without strap