Cannabis and Hemp Irrigation

Cannabis and Hemp Irrigation with the Spot-Spitter


Spot-Spitter Light Green

Spot-Spitter Downspray Light Green Pattern

In the past few years cannabis and medicinal hemp growers have been learning what conventional nursery growers have known for decades: The Spot-Spitter is the ideal emitter type for high-end container growing. This statement is more true for cannabis and hemp than any other crop.

Light media, such as peat and coco coir, used in container grown cannabis doesn’t move water laterally the way a heavier soil does. This makes conventional drip irrigation ineffective. The Spot-Sptter applies water to the entire container surface, feeding the entire root zone instead of a single point. Supplying water and nutrients to the entire root zone has dramatic impact on plant growth, especially in the vegetative growth stage.

Lighting, nutrients, environmental control and permitting – your cannabis crop is a big investment. But it all starts with the best irrigation to to feed your plants effectively. If you are just getting started with Cannabis, or if you would like to improve your current system, give us a call at (760)452-6399 or send an email to to learn more.


Variations on Spot-Spitters in Cannabis

Cannabis Irrigation with the Spot-Spitter

Spot-Spitter Orange on CBD Hemp – Click to Enlarge

Indoor Cannabis Growing:

With indoor growing, especially in smaller containers, avoiding overspray is critical. While the standard Spot-Spitter is our most popular product line for most applications, the Spot-Spitter Downspray may be better for your application. The Spot-Spitter Downspray directs the spray pattern at a downward 45° angle to ensure that water and nutrients stay in the container.


Stability in large containers:

When light media is used in large containers, it can be difficult to keep the standard 5-inch long Spot-Spitter stable and pointed in the right direction. The Spot-Spitter Tall is 12-inches long and is easier to keep stable. The Tall relies on the Downspray pattern which ensures water stays in the container, while its extra height above he soil surface gives you control over the pattern size.


A few words about high-frequency irrigation of cannabis

Cannabis is often pulse-irrigated with many very short irrigation cycles per day. If this is your practice, you can improve uniformity by supplying each Spot-Spitter with a Compensating Non-Leak (CNL) device such as the Primerus PC Assembly. The PC assembly ensures all Spitters turn on and off simultaneously when pressure is applied or removed, and the water in your supply laterals doesn’t drain to the plant at the lowest point with every irrigation cycle.


Where to Buy the Spot-Spitter

In addition to our physical dealer network, Primerus is partnered with several online suppliers who stock our products at competitive prices along with most of the other parts of a cannabis irrigation system. <Click Here> to buy the Spot-Spitter and other parts needed for your Spot-Spitter system.