Fifty Years of Efficiency

The Spot-Spitter Turns FiftySpot-Spitter Avocado

In 1972 Richard Nixon was President, the Beach Boys were turning out hits, and Jim Roberts was introducing the Spot-Spitter spray stake to the world of farming. After four years of perfecting it in his own citrus groves, US Patent 3,638,863 was issued and the Spot-Spitter was ready for primetime. This was half a century ago – nearly all irrigation was either flood or impact sprinkler, and drip was barely heard of.

After all these years the Spot-Spitter is still recognized as an innovative product for progressive growers. In fact, the Spitter is the single most relied-upon irrigation device in US outdoor nurseries, and it continues to grow into new and demanding applications such as cannabis and container grown berries. Just as significantly, nearly all micro-irrigated outdoor nursery containers in the US that do not use the Spitter rely on products based on its now-expired patent. From its humble beginning on Jim Roberts’ farm to being a global leader in efficient irrigation, the Spot-Spitter has made its mark on the world. Here’s to the next fifty years.


Today the Spot-Spitter is manufactured by Primerus Products and sold through the nation’s top irrigation dealers. Browse our website or call us at (855)SPITTER (855-774-8837) to begin your journey with the world-famous Spot-Spitter.