Installation and Use Instructions added to standard SPITTER package

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One year ago the Installation and Use instructions were removed from the standard SPOT-SPITTER package. The decision was based on the logic that the package-insert adds cost, and only provides information already available on the internet and through other sources. Several dealers have voiced concern about this decision since our acquisition of the product line in February, 2013. Upon further research, we have learned that the package-insert is relied on by dealers to explain the use of the SPITTER to new customers, and by growers to ensure proper installation by their employees. In response, we have made the decision to bring the package-insert back on all future production.

Today each package of 100 SPOT-SPITTERS includes a printed package insert with basic product specs, installation instructions, and guidelines for the number of SPITTERS that can be installed on a single lateral without compromising uniformity.  We remain committed to listening to our customers and using what we hear to improve our business.

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