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  • How to Irrigate Container-Grown Blueberries With the Spot-Spitter

    Blueberry growing is a challenging business, and Wish Farms is good at it. Wish has been farming for 100 years and is one of the largest suppliers of high-quality berries in the US with operations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, California and Mexico. When JC Clinard, Vice President of Operations, decided to install a two-acre […]

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  • The Spot-Spitter Turns Fifty

    The Spot-Spitter Turns Fifty In 1972 Richard Nixon was President, the Beach Boys were turning out hits, and Jim Roberts was introducing the Spot-Spitter spray stake to the world of farming. After four years of perfecting it in his own citrus groves, US Patent 3,638,863 was issued and the Spot-Spitter was ready for primetime. This […]

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  • How to Irrigate Cannabis and Hemp with the Spot-Spitter

    Cannabis and Hemp Irrigation with the Spot-Spitter   In the past few years cannabis and medicinal hemp growers have been learning what conventional nursery growers have known for decades: The Spot-Spitter is the ideal emitter type for high-end container growing. This statement is more true for cannabis and hemp than any other crop. Light media, […]

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  • Primerus Repackages and Expands Cut Spaghetti Tubing Lengths

    Based on customer feedback, Primerus is changing package sizes for cut 1/8″ tubing lengths from 3,000 pc to 1,000 pc, and adding standard products to the line. Cut lengths are now available as standard products in 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72″ lengths, either with 90 degree cuts on both ends, or a 45 degree […]

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  • New Spot-Spitter Instructional Video

    Primerus has produced a new instructional video to help new users, farm staff and dealer branch personnel become familiar with the product. See it on our website at

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  • Primerus Offers Factory-Cut Tubing Lengths

    “Factory-cut tubing is more than just a labor saving convenience.”

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  • Primerus adds PVC Valves to its Offering

    Efficient and reliable control of fluid flow is critical to the operation of any nursery or other high-end farming operation. Valves and other components that are subject to agricultural water are also subject to harsh chemicals used to nurture plants and keep the irrigation system clean. These can leave valves degraded, corroded or frozen in […]

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  • Design Calculator Added to Primerus Website

    Selecting the right lateral diameter, plant placement and SPITTER flow rate are critical to your irrigation system performance. Design too conservatively and you overspend on materials. Design to aggressively and uniformity is reduced, wasting water and affecting crop quality. Making the right tradeoffs results in a winning design – a high performance system at the […]

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  • Primerus adds insert fittings to its product line

    In response to requests from customers, Primerus has added a selection of insert fittings to its product line. The specific fittings were selected to compliment the SPOT-SPITTER line, and include a 1/8” barbed coupling, a 1/4” x 1/8” reducer, a 1/8” Tee and a dual-sized goof plug. The new fittings increase the flexibility and convenience […]

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  • Primerus gains a new identity

    Primerus Products, LLC has unveiled a new logo and company identity. The logo is comprised of a live oak tree drawn in modern angular strokes within an old-fashioned circular stamp. Together the elements signify the values of Primerus and its team: rooted in the past, looking toward the future. The young tree also demonstrates Primerus’ […]

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