Primerus Offers Factory-Cut Tubing Lengths

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Primerus Products, LLC is happy to announce the availability of factory cut tubing in 18”, 24”, 30” and 36” lengths with custom lengths available upon request. According to Jack Butler, Primerus’ President, pre-cut tubing offers significant advantages to large and midsize nursery growers.

“Factory-cut tubing is more than just a labor saving convenience” says Butler. “In the field, spaghetti tubing is typically cut with scissors or knives. I’ve even seen wire cutters used. Since the tubing edge makes up one wall of the SPOT-SPITTER spray orifice, imperfect cuts can have a dramatic effect on pattern and uniformity. Precision, machine cut lengths translate to better irrigation uniformity.”

“Also, since tubing is cut to length during the extrusion process, it never goes on a coil so it does not have the natural curvature that tubing cut in the field has. In combination with perfectly repeatable lengths, this results easier handling and a clean field layout.”

Pre-cut lengths became available from Primerus on September 15, 2014. Visit or contact your local SPOT-SPITTER dealer for more information.

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