Primerus adds PVC Valves to its Offering

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Efficient and reliable control of fluid flow is critical to the operation of any nursery or other high-end farming operation. Valves and other components that are subject to agricultural water are also subject to harsh chemicals used to nurture plants and keep the irrigation system clean. These can leave valves degraded, corroded or frozen in place.

To address this important challenge, Primerus Products, LLC is adding PVC True Union Ball Valves and PVC  Butterfly Valves to its offering  effective April 1, 2014. These valves are manufactured by CEPEX, a European-based global supplier of fluid control components with extensive experience in US agricultural applications.

“Conventional valves were not designed with the needs of agriculture in mind, and in many ways are not up to the task” says Jack Butler, President of Primerus Products. “While conventional valves can work well when the opening is set once and never changed, they are difficult to turn and become even more so with time as seals begin to harden and metal parts corrode”.  According to Butler, “the uniquely easy-turning handle of the Primerus ball valve, and the all-PVC design of the Primerus butterfly valve make them the only valves that work well in everyday use in agriculture”.

Primerus Products is committed to providing reliable product solutions to nursery growers. For more information or to obtain a dealer referral, call 855-SPITTER (855-774-8837) or visit


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