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Selecting the right lateral diameter, plant placement and SPITTER flow rate are critical to your irrigation system performance. Design too conservatively and you overspend on materials. Design to aggressively and uniformity is reduced, wasting water and affecting crop quality. Making the right tradeoffs results in a winning design – a high performance system at the right price.

The SPOT-SPITTER Design Calculator helps you make the right choices by giving you visibility into the effect of row length, lateral diameter, SPITTER flow rate and number of plants per row on flow rates and pressures. Access the Calculator by clicking the “Design” tab in the home page.

A system designed to 90% distribution uniformity (DU) will provide excellent delivery of water and nutrients to your plants while saving water and minimizing runoff. Challenge yourself to reach this target by selecting the right design parameters. Once you have completed the design and installed your system, keep DU high by regularly flushing laterals and keeping your system clean with good filtration.

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