Pot-Dripper HF Drip Ring

Pot-Dripper HF Drip Ring for Nurseries and Tree Farms

The Pot-Dripper HF is the best way to irrigate nursery containers with precise drip irrigation that wets the entire root zone with zero overspray, and without wetting the plant trunk or foliage. The high flow rates the Pot-Dripper HF provides are designed for trees or ornamentals in containers ranging from 5 to 150 gallons or nursery boxes up to 36”. For irrigating other crops such as cannabis or container-grown berries, see the Standard Pot-Dripper.

The Pot-Dripper system is comprised of a ring of Primerus ¼” HF Distribution Tube in each container, supplied by an innovative Pot-Dripper stake. The ring diameter can range from 8” to 24+” to fit your container and deliver the right amount of water. The stakes come in three different versions which match the flow rates of the three most popular Spot-Spitter spray stake configurations: Medium Flow Dark Green, High Flow Black and Ultra High-Flow Grey, equal to two Dark Green Spitters. Broad distribution of water means healthy root development and Drip means zero overspray.

The heart of the Drip Ring is the Primerus Pot-Dripper stake which holds the ring firmly in place and regulates water supplied by a 1/8” Spaghetti Tube. Two unique tapered connections on the Pot-Dripper Stake supply the drip ring with water, but also easily release it when the ring needs to be opened to remove it from the plant. A third connection accepts water from a 1/8” Spaghetti Tube (Spot-Spitter compatible) which connects to your supply lateral. A convenient shutoff post can be used to shut water flow off when a container is removed from service.

Figure 1: Primerus Pot-Dripper HF


Figure 2: Pot-Dripper HF Selection Chart

How to Assemble the Pot-Dripper HF

Each drip ring is made up of a Pot-Dripper stake and a ring of Primerus HF Distribution Tubing cut to the right size for your container. Start by choosing the stake model and ring diameter that’s right for your container using the chart in Figure 1.

Each Pot-Dripper stake is color coded by flow rate to be compatible with Spot-Spitter systems. The Dark Green and Black stakes have the same flow rates as Dark Green and Black Spot-Spitters, and the Ultra-High Flow Grey stake has the same flow rate as two Dark Green Spitters.

Once you select the right parts, unroll and cut the HF tubing to the length specified in Table 1 and connect it to the stake. Always cut the HF Distribution Tube mid-way between two drippers.

How to Use the Pot-Dripper HF

To use the Pot-Dripper, simply insert the stake into your container media so the ring encircles the plant. If the plant is already established, you can easily pull one end of the tubing ring off the stake, bring it around the plant then reseat it.

Next, cut a piece of 1/8” Spaghetti Tubing long enough to connect your Pot-Dripper to a PE supply lateral. Insert one end onto the 1/8” supply connection on the Pot-Dripper stake.  Cut the other end at 45° to create a point, use a Primerus Hole Punch to create a hole in your lateral, and insert the 45° end for a water-tight seal.

You are now ready to irrigate. Keep supply pressure between 15 and 25 psi for correct flow rates. When the Pot-Dripper HF is running, water bubbles out of the holes around the ring in streams that you can easily see from your plant rows to confirm it is operating. The Pot-Dripper is highly tolerant to dirty water. However, if it does become clogged, it can usually be cleared by pushing a paper clip through the 1/8” supply connector or any holes around the ring..

See the Primerus Pot-Dripper HF Instructions for Installation and Use for more detailed information.

TIP: For extra large containers use 2 Pot-Dripper stakes at 12:00 and 6:00 positions with rings up to 36” diameter.


Pot-Dripper HF Data Sheet

Pot-Dripper HF Installation Instructions